About Us

We specialise in importing and distributing a wide range of quality food brands and products from Mexico that we know will delight our customers who are mainly supermarkets, restaurants, bars and food businesses.

MexImport was launched by entrepreneur Katya Torres de la Rocha in 2014. After 20 successful years in the food industry setting up restaurants and online grocery store MexGrocer, Katya decided it was time to create a new type of business in order to supply supermarkets and food business the special, authentic Mexican food products their customers were looking for.

Mexican food has been misunderstood in the past. It is about much more than nachos and fajitas. Our cuisine goes back thousands of years when the Aztecs ground corn to make tortillas, fermented the agave plant for tequila and created rich, complex sauces, dips and salsas to accompany dishes. There is a growing interest in authentic Mexican cuisine and our vision is to bring some of these wonderful products to the European marketplace for food lovers to enjoy.

Katya is supported by a team of individuals who share her passion and vision and aim to provide the best customer service possible, creating long term commercial relationships.

Food is an important part of Mexican culture and at MexImport we’re committed to sourcing the best fine food products and ingredients that will give foodies, adventurous cooks and busy professionals the opportunity to discover new, authentic flavours from Mexico in their home.

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